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Workshop Concluded at 8PM on 13th June 2021

Legal professionals spend a substantial amount of time researching and drafting. This applies to legal professionals operating in all setups, from traditional setups of litigation and corporate to a think tank. Therefore, these skills are essential for performing your role in any organization you choose to join in the legal profession.

Law schools seldom teach processes and skills required for effective research and drafting, especially from a professional’s perspective. Law students are often confronted with this deficiency when they undertake internships or finally venture into the profession.

You are expected to perform a diverse range of tasks when you join a professional setup in the legal industry. These tasks may range from something as basic as researching case laws on a point of law to something as complex as drafting an entire commercial contract. The key to thriving in a profession like ours, which has a high-pressure environment due to the stakes involved, is to quickly pick up skills.

Law students are expected to work and learn simultaneously. They are trusted to work in coalescence with their seniors, and it is assumed that they will pick up these skills themselves. However, intermittent work experience like internships may not necessarily translate into gaining these skills. The right approach and practical guidance from an experienced professional can cut down the time taken to achieve this.

This three-day workshop aims to provide a hands-on tutorial on the processes and skills for efficient research and drafting. Since it will be from a professional’s perspective, It will employ a “skill-based” approach instead of a “theory-based” approach. The workshop will cover everything from methodological legal research to drafting commercial contracts and arbitrations agreements.

These lectures will be taken by eminent professionals who have been associated with premier legal institutes and law firms. They will provide condensed learnings from their long professional work experiences. This will be coupled with their critical insights into the dynamics of the profession. After taking this course, you will be able to undertake extensive and methodological research and weave it into your drafts.

*Live Workshop only. Recording(s) will NOT be made accessible.

What will you learn?


Legal research


Drafting pleadings


Drafting commercial contracts


Drafting ADR agreements


Drafting of IPR and Data Protections Policies


Communication and networking


Why learn the essentials of research and drafting?


It is axiomatic that research and drafting are imperative for a legal professional.

Limitations of law school teaching

Law schools seldom teach processes and skills required for effective research and drafting, especially from a professional’s perspective.

Learn from the experts

The lectures will be taken by eminent professionals who have been associated with premier legal institutes and law firms.


Workshop Agenda

Session 1 60 minutes

Legal Research

Session 2 60 minutes

Drafting Commercial Contracts: Parts of Contract

Session 3 60 minutes

Drafting Commercial Contracts: Types of Contractual and Pre-Contractual Instruments

Session 4 60 minutes

Drafting Commercial Contracts: Specific Contracts

Session 5 60 minutes

Drafting of ADR agreements

Session 6 60 minutes

IPR and Data Protection Laws

Session 7 60 minutes

Drafting Pleadings: Plaint, WS, Replication, Affidavits, Written arguments

Session 8 60 minutes

Drafting Pleadings: SLP, Writ, RTI, Notice

Session 9 60 minutes

Communication & Networking

Who will be your teacher?

WizLaw's Workshop Feedback

Shared by participants of the Workshop on 'Essentials of Research & Drafting' conducted by WizLaw from 11-13 June, 2021