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Workshop on Being a Criminal Lawyer

Great Criminal Trial Lawyers are the stuff of legends. We picture them as gladiators, fighting tough cases and defending the indefensible, but beyond the glitz and glamour, being a criminal Trial Attorney involves real grit, determination, and hard work.

A criminal conviction is the most powerful censure that society can inflict on a member considering it often leads to severe deprivation of liberty by way of a prison sentence, and in some cases - even termination of life.
It is, therefore, clear that no other system of law impacts human life as closely as Criminal Law.

Greater the privilege, greater the responsibility.

Leading as a criminal lawyer requires a sound understanding of substantive and procedural laws supplemented by soft skills of cross-examination, oratory, induction, a forensic mind, and so on. It also requires thinking on one’s feet, understanding human beings, and having a touch of Sherlock in one’s personality.

It also requires courage, integrity and a deep commitment to constitutional law principles, of due process, personal liberty, and protection of fundamental rights.

India has a complex and fragmented criminal justice system with many stakeholders and multiple laws.

In addition to the Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, Code of Criminal procedure, there are special laws such as the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Information Technology Act, Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, Benami Property Act, Black Money Act, & the Income Tax Act among many more.

A holistic study of these laws are imperative in order to succeed as a good criminal law practitioner.

The importance of the procedural laws such as the Criminal Procedure Code and the Evidence Act must not be overlooked. “The history of liberty has largely been the history of the observance of procedural safeguards.” - Felix Frankfurter

Your Guide into the World of Criminal Litigation

In this 3 hours deep-dive into “Being a Criminal Lawyer”, we host Mr. Bharat Chugh.

Mr. Chugh was appointed a Metropolitan Magistrate/Civil Judge after securing the First Rank in the prestigious Delhi Judicial Services Exam. He has served in various Judgeship Assignments during his 3.5 years at the Bench and went on to serve as a Counsel/Partner at L&L Partners (formerly Luthra and Luthra Law Offices). He has served on various committees/policy discussions and has also been appointed as amicus curiae by the High Court to assist the Hon'ble High Court in serious criminal cases.

Given his unique experience, he can provide insights from both the perspectives- the Bar and the Bench, imparting knowledge on the fundamentals of criminal law, trial procedures, defence strategies and the criminal justice ecosystem.

[Mr.Bharat Chugh is passionate about Academia and giving back to the society and is sharing knowledge with students / budding lawyers, through this workshop, pro-bono (without any honorarium / remuneration)]

*Live Workshop only. Recording(s) will NOT be made accessible.

What will you learn?


Fundamentals of a Criminal Justice System: Deep Dive.


Fundamentals of criminal law: A broad overview of IPC, CrPC, IEA, and some special laws such as POCA, PMLA, IT Act, etc.


Steps in a criminal trial: Investigation, Inquiry, and Trial.


Interventions that defence counsel can make to effectively represent their clients/Defence Strategies.


Soft skills needed to succeed as a criminal trial lawyer.


Why attend the workshop on “Being a Criminal Lawyer”?


Every litigation aspirant considers making a career in criminal litigations despite its widely acknowledged limitations. The workshop will guide you in making an informed and inspired career in criminal law.

Bridging the gap between Law School and Law Practice

Just as one can’t learn to swim in a library, one can’t learn cross-examination from books. Knowing what cross-examination is and how to cross-examine are not the same. The law and how it works in practice are not perfectly congruent. It is imperative to go beyond readings and resource materials for developing a wholesome understanding of criminal practice and procedure. This is where this course may help.

Learn from the expert

The workshop will be conducted by Adv. Bharat Chugh, an independent practitioner, is a former judge and Ex-Partner with a Top Tier Law Firm. As an individual who has seen both sides of the system, he brings a unique blend of learning and a diverse experience.


Workshop Agenda

Session 1


Session 2

The Law

Session 3

The Practice

Session 4


Who will be your teacher?


Bharat Chugh

Prominent Practicing Lawyer | Ex-Partner L&L Partners

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WizLaw's Workshop Feedback

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