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Drafting of Court Pleadings and Applications

Learn the art & craft of drafting court pleadings & applications from a leading practitioner's lens.

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Addnl. Standing Counsel - Govt. of Delhi & Delhi Police

12 Hours
100% Live Training
3 Weeks

Orientation Session Video
One of the cardinal skills of an effective and successful lawyer is her ability to persuade and communicate with the court through her pleadings. The command over the pleadings and its drafting becomes an absolute necessity for any lawyer looking to gain expertise, establish themselves or stand out from the crowd in the world of litigation. Yet, drafting pleadings is a subject that is not adequately focused on in the law school curriculum. A young graduate is expected to learn by herself the nuances of drafting pleadings through years of practice and experience.

While there is no denial that drafting of pleading is a skilful art that is inculcated over time, the right approach and practical guidance from an experienced practitioner can cut down the time taken to achieve the craftsmanship of the highest order. Keeping this in mind, WizLaw Academy has designed a specially curated course by leading practitioners on the ‘Drafting of Court Pleadings’ delivered by an outstanding course instructor with over 17 years of experience.

This course aims to provide a hands-on study of the procedure for drafting pleadings from a practitioner’s perspective and through a modern approach. It will teach a drafter how one can synthesise facts, rules, and contention of their client in a simple, effective, and to-the-point language that is neither verbose nor loaded with legalese. The course will be taught with a systematic breakdown of a pleading and explaining each component of a pleading. There will be live demonstrations of drafting on a fictional case study which will be used as a central theme to discuss all the pleadings.

By the end of this course, a participant will get equipped with critical foundational skills of collecting, consolidating and coordinating facts, develop the ability to understand how substantive principles of laws are woven into pleadings, how a cause of action can be determined, how to skillfully draft the prayer based on the reliefs permissible under the applicable law, how to comply with the general rules of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, and most importantly, how to reproduce all of this under a clear, concise, persuasive, self-contained and self-explanatory language.

So if you are a young law student who is looking to enter into active litigation, or a budding lawyer looking to upskill and stand out from the crowd or any practitioner who wish to most effectively represent the interests of a client, this course will equip you with a holistic and practical understanding of principles and procedure of drafting and strategising various pleadings such as legal notices, its reply, plaint, written statement, set off, counterclaims, affidavits, interlocutory applications, review, revision and recall applications, appeals, and SLP along with its electronic filing procedures.

Highlights of the Course

Live sessions with extensive Q&A

Live demonstrations of pleading drafting process

Short Assignments and Take-Home Exam

Practical insights into drafting and strategising pleadings

Taught by leading practitioners

Certificate signed by the course instructor


What will you learn?


Requisite skills

Develop the necessary skills and legal acumen for drafting and strategizing court pleadings to stand out from the crowd


Modern Drafting

Develop the ability to synthesise facts, law, and contentions in a self-contained and self-explanatory language


Learning by doing

Learn and practice the art and craft of articulating pleadings through simulation exercises


Be Technology Ready

Learn the process and procedures of e-filing and e-pleadings

Reviews From Earlier Batch Participants

Super Charge Your Legal Career

Why learn the Drafting of Court Pleadings and Applications?

Limitations of law school teaching

Most law schools teach a subject as extensive as CPC in a single semester. Rarely do internships help pick up the skill of drafting effective pleadings.

Learn from the Expert

The Course is taught by an eminent practitioner with over two decades of cumulative experience at [various forums].


A thorough understanding of civil practice and how pleadings are drafted is a must for any law professional.


What will be the training syllabus?

Session 0 90 minutes

Orientation & Introduction to Instructor and Course Cohort

Session 1 90 minutes

Drafting and strategising Legal Notices and reply to Legal Notices

Session 2 90 minutes

Drafting of Plaint and Interlocutory Applications

Session 3 90 minutes

Drafting of Written Statement, Set off & Counter Claims

Session 4 90 minutes

Drafting of Proposed Issues, Evidence and Affidavits

Session 5 90 minutes

Drafting of Review, Revision and Recall Applications

Session 6 90 minutes

Drafting of Appeals: First, Second and Miscellaneous

Session 7 90 minutes

Drafting of Writ Petitions

Session 8 90 minutes

Drafting of SLPs and Pleadings before other adjudicatory forums and tribunals

8 Live classes of 90 min each. (Tue & Thu 6:30 - 8:00 pm; Sat 5:30 - 7:00 pm)

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Who should take this course?

Law students

Fresh graduates

Young practitioners

Law enthusiasts


Who will be your teacher?


Anuj Aggarwal

Addnl. Standing Counsel - Govt. of Delhi & Delhi Police

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Frequently Asked Questions

This course will help you acquire critical skills for drafting pleadings that will enable you to transition into active litigation and understand the proceedings, procedures, and strategies of drafting pleadings.

The course is exclusively designed and curated by a leading practitioner keeping in mind the requirements of the legal industry and the missing links in the curriculum of law on drafting, pleadings and conveyancing. The methodology adopted is similar to that of a seminar course in National Law Schools. The intent is to foster real learning instead of issuing a mere certificate like other platforms.

The teaching will be like a real class, and you are free to ask as many doubts throughout each session. You will also have access to the course instructor outside the classroom to clarify any doubts.

Each class will be recorded and the recording will be available till the start of the next session.

The following is the break up of evaluation criteria:
Class participation = 20 Marks
Assignments = 30 Marks
Take home exam = 50 Marks

<50 = No certificate
50-55 = B
55-60 = B+
60-65 = A
65-70 = A+
70+ = O

It varies according to the demands of the course. The duration of every course is mentioned on the respective course page.

The Courses are completely virtual as of now. Since the courses are live, the timings are decided by the instructors and may vary from course to course. Please check the course page for the days and timings of each course.

Enrolment is not restricted to any particular part of India. Therefore, courses are only available in English.

The number of students is capped at 50. Your cohort members are other motivated people with aligned professional goals.

A functioning computer or a tablet equipped with a camera and a microphone is all you need. Also, a good internet connection.

Reading material is shared by the instructors as per the demands of the course.

Given the circumstances, If there is a genuine reason for you not being able to attend the course, we may accommodate you in the next batch upon your request. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
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